For the Furry Friend

Pets have become more and more of a priority in our lives over the decades and are considered part of the immediate family structure, The close bond we have developed with our companions has opened the door for much advancement in the world of pets, ranging anywhere from aesthetics to medicine, As a pet parent, we find that something new develops seemingly everyday that will allow our pets to live a life of luxury. We also find that we actually enjoy providing this bit of extra valance for fido and Millie and that it's down right difficult not to indulge.

Its not uncommon to walk into large supermarkets around all of Europe and find designated aisles for animals, or pull into the latest shopping hotspot to find pet specific shops. Even the simplest of shelves will most often offer a variety of food, a lovely stock of bone or treats, even toys. Move along the store and you'll find a vast array of pet products for every type of animal and pet. Turn on your computer and these products are available across the internet for delivery all over the world!

We're fortunate that veterinary medicine has progressed so tremendously that we can treat our pets for cancer, perform invasive surgeries to save their lives, and take medications and supplements that will allow for better quality and longer life span. No longer do we have to worry that a sudden ailment will mean the loss of your pet. Instead, we have a range of options that can provide relief. On days when they are vibrant and in good health, we have beaches and parks for playing and socialising with other animals. They even have wheel chairs for handicapped pets that still love life and refuse to sacrifice their play time.

Don't have the skills to trim that poodle's coat or wash your dog, don't own the right sized bath tub for your Newfoundland luckily there are hundreds of pet specific groomer that will happily take care of this for you, we can even collect and deliver your pet for this service.

Planning a holiday or working away? we can arrange for your much loved pet to join you for this holiday, or simply transport your pet to a doggy day care centre.

All of these conveniences, special products and advancements allow more opportunity to spoil your pets, to enjoy the time together and keep our pets healthy. So what does that say about the human and animal bond? its says that it grows and strengthens every day, and that as pet owners we are proud of that relationship. Do we go overboard occasionally with multiple gifts and treats? Maybe but what we certainly do however, is experience a relationship that fills our lives with devotion, joy and undeniable love. For that reason alone we will continue to pamper our faithful companions, and we will, without question, enjoy every minute of it!

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