Pet Transport By Road

Go Fetch LTD operates a specialist pet and domestic animal transport company.

We transport all animals in are care by road throughout the European Union, we use to date a specially converted Vauxhall Vivaro.

We have two main reason why customers use the services of Go Fetch LTD

The purchase of a new animal for breeding, desire or it's work ethic.

The relocation of the owners for either a long or short period, holiday homes or a complete move by the family are the most common reasons for Pet Transport by Road.

Since the launch of Go Fetch Ltd we have relocated hundreds of pets throughout the UK and Europe some of our most rememberable trips have been to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria.

We recently transported a German Shepherd from the Netherlands to a UK police force, Nico was imported for his work ethic, pedigree, future UK breeding program.

Nico was selected by trainers in Holland for his abilities that suit the needs of a UK police Force, once trained he will be a fully operational GP dog living and working with his partner.

Nico would have been subject to numerous tests before being selected, these tests could be as simple as walking on slippery floors, performing heal work with distractions, ensuring he his at ease and respectable to all humans including children.

This would all before he would be tested on his tracking and man work skills.

Nico is now happily placed with with his future handler awaiting a training course.

Here at Go Fetch LTD we can carry out strict testing procedures for new purchases please feel free to ask away

Freel free to get in contact if you would like to discuss options

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