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Here at Go Fetch LTD we specialise in pet transport, we have had some serious working lines through our hands over the years but recently we transported a Caucasian Shepherd for a family moving to another EU country. The Dog was trained to a extremely high standard as a personal protection dog. Showing all of the true eastern european characteristics.

The family in question were worried about leaving their pet in the wrong hands due to its strong protection level, We have the knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of pets from a general house cat to a true working dog of this kind.

We have written a small piece about this breed, especially rare on UK soil

Caucasian Shepherd dog

For those not familiar with the breed, a Caucasian Shepherd dog looks like a cross between a German shepherd and St. Bernard.

That’s actually not a bad mash up. The heavy-coated Caucasian Shepherd shares a love for cooler and colder climates with the St. Bernard and has the dominant streak also found in German shepherd.

The temperament of these dogs varies with the dreading history. Some are very even-keeled and do well in situations with people they do not know. Some breeders raise dogs to be protectors, do these can be aggressive especially to people and other animals.

Some breeders do not recommend having the Caucasian Shepherd as a family pet. Other say, depending on the breeder, the dog makes  afire family pet, provided it is socialised and trained early in life.

Pretty much everyone involved in the breeding, care and ownership of these dogs say it is not a dog for a first time owner.

Breeders and owners of these magnificent dogs describe them as extremely intelligent and very active. The website says training the dogs at an early age is a must because of their dominant nature and their size. Fortunately, the puppies respond well to consistent training. The website says staying consistent is the keep to bringing up a dog that will be a great companion for its whole life.

The breed was developed in Georgia. They can be roughly divided into two sub-breeds. Plains dogs are general taller and have a shorter coat. The mountain bogs appear sturdier and have a heavier coat, necessary to handle the Georgia mountain winters. They’ve been used to guard herds and families in  Caucasian (the mountains between The Black Sea and The Caspian Sea) for at least 600  years. They are often used to hunt bears and wolves.

The dogs are prone, as large breeds often are, to hip dysplasia and carry the gene for this problem. If you are buying one, ask the breeder to supply veterinarian-certified X-rays showing the dog does not have this disorder or if it does, be prepared for the medical expenses that will come with ownership.

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