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On a recent trip to Lithuania we experienced first hand the ongoing issue with roadside scams effecting drivers in Eastern Europe at the moment.

We were driving in Germany roughly 75 miles from the Polish border. It was just after lunch and the busy German motorways were flowing freely.

We noticed a large Audi a8 had been sat behind us for some distance, this is a unusual situation in this part of the world as most car driver take full advantage of the relaxed speed limits, travelling in a large van we were amount the slower vehicles using this stretch of road, After some time blue lights appeared in the grill of the Audi, indicating to the driver it was the local police. Instantly suspicious we were prepared for it not to be the police.

With the doors locked we pulled onto the hard shoulder, A smartly dressed man came to the driver side window of the van asking for help, He was travelling back to Poland his native country and his credit card had declined for fuel he was desperate to get home. Driving an expensive car wearing a suit and tie you had to think was this man a genuine person. We instantly knew this was the ongoing scam and politely said we couldn't help, He handed the driver his two gold rings he was wearing and a iPhone. Both were obviously fake but insisted that he would meet us later that day for his goods and to return the money he wanted to exchange.

After the goods were returned to him through the small opening in the window we insisted that we were to continue on our journey and could not help. He begged and pleaded with us stating he was on his own hundreds of miles away from home. We drove away pulling back into the traffic along the motorway, with the car continuing to follow and flash his head lights flashing he eventually passed us, the car contained another 4 large males, all were not so smartly dressed. This situation could of turned a lot worse without being calm, collected and polite. You never know who is behind you!

In nearly every services, lorry stop or lay by there is German Police station or position, After some time we stopped and made our way to tell the local police of the incident that took place.

We were told unfortunately this is a ongoing issue on these motorways, and they were stepping up patrols to attempt to clamp down on this issue. Statements made we continued on our journey.

I'd like to add that after this incident, we continued on our journey. Meeting some of the most helpful and happy characters on the way. It is a fabulous part of Europe, driving through you see parts of the world you may not have ever seen, i'd highly recommend it to any individual,

Just be prepared!


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