European Pet Passport

Here at Go Fetch LTD we specialise in the transport of pets accross Europe, if you ever need additonal advice regarding your pet's passport we are more than happy to help.

The Pet Passport is an international program, which allows pet animals to travel between member countries without having to sit through a quarantine process that can last up to six months. It originally started in Europe but has since been adopted by other countries like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The passport is documentation saying the animal has been properly vaccinated. Rabies is a chief concern, but other health issues which can be transmitted to humans and other animals can be part of the program.

The passport itself can take several different forms. It must have at minimum a microchip number or tattoo mark of the animal, rabies inoculation and the signature of an approved veterinarian. Beyond that, requirements vary by country.

If you plan to travel overseas with a pet, it’s best to check that country’s regulations and get all the paperwork in order before ever leaving home. Some common requirements are:

• Flea, tick and intestinal parasite treatment 24 to 48 hours before travel‚Ä®• Vet certification the animal is healthy enough to travel, with no diseases • Government certification that the paperwork is in order

The biggest problem with the Pet Passport program is the lack of standardization. Right now it does make travel easier, but as each country is free to add additional requirements, there’s no guarantee the Pet Passport is going to be accepted.

You also need to check with your transport or carrier company to make sure they will take pets. Not all companies allow animals. Some countries have restrictions on how a pet may enter the country. This includes, in some cases, transportation by a licensed carrier.

The Pet Passport scheme is not without flaws. At least two puppies imported from East Europe countries had the correct paperwork but still tested positive for rabies when they reached Holland. Veterinarians in parts if Europe says faked pet passports are becoming increasingly common.

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