GPS Tracking

GPS for traffic management Here at Go Fetch LTD we are always looking to improve our service & animal welfare,

As a result we have invested heavily into the fleet of vehicles we use on a daily basis, both vans have been installed with new state of the art GPS tracking and tempurature data logging devices. 

This means at any one time our office staff can monitor the tempurature of you pets, or even the location & speed of the vehicle they are travelling in! 

This information is stored and recorded, online and can be accessed at anytime. 

We have alert systems that can provide the driver or staff information if tempuratures have increased or decreased beyond the limits. 

We have provided in this document a few facts that you may not have known about GPS 

Anyone who runs a fleet is well advised to have GPS tracking installed on the vehicles. While this can be a security measure, its really for monitoring the driving to maximize efficiency.

Here’s 6 reasons why this is a good idea:

1) Save money on fuel. The GPS clearly shows the routes a driver takes. In a few minutes this route can lain over a map of the area. Better roads, faster roads and less congested roads can be found. This cuts fuel costs.

2) Fewer driver issues. Studies indicate when people are being observed, they are less like to make mistakes and will give more attention to the task at hand. For drivers this means fewer traffic citations and accidents. In turn that means lower insurance rates.

3) Eye on the line. With GPS, a fleet manager, owner or so on is sitting behind the wheel virtually. The drivers time behind the wheel, where he is and how long he takes to get from Point A to Point B can be clearly seen. It also shows how long a vehicle is in any one place.

4) It makes better drivers. Related to point No. 2, but this goes in a different direction. Managers can see how a driver is moving down the road and given suggestions on how to be safer. Lane changes, distance from stops and railroad crossings can be monitored.

5) Help the drivers en route. By monitoring GPS and traffic conditions in an area - easily done with the Internet - managers can route drivers around heavy construction areas and severe wrecks that can cause significant delays.

6) Security. The fleet manager knows where the vehicle is at all times. While hijacking is not a common problem, it does happen. With GPS, law enforcement can be directed to the vehicles exact whereabouts with no delay spent trying to find it by riding the area.

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