Russian Borzoi

Russian Borzoi: The Russian Borzoi is often referred to as the Russian wolfhound. This is a breed of domestic animals that can be found throughout central Asia, Russia and more. They look very similar to greyhounds but they have a silky straight coat that makes them identifiable against them. They slightly resemble the afghan hound and can sometimes look like a long haired greyhound. Most of the time their coats are silky and flat with a little bit of a curl. Their coats are unique and beautiful and designed to fit their needs for a warm climate situation. This breed of dog usually ranges from 80-100+lbs. They are quite a large dog but they are very graceful and obedient. Many describe this breed as an independent and athletic dog. They are commonly quite quiet and they make for very good guard dogs. The Russian Borzoi is known for its obedience but like many types of dogs they need training and regular exercise to be as happy as possible. Through any transportation of these dogs we take ample breaks and provide constant walks so that they can feel at ease. We understand the calm and even temperament of this breed and the need to treat them with respect. This is a breed that can often produce destructive behaviour as a result of strong commands. Hip and elbow dysplasia is a common trait in this breed and as a result we have ample space for these large breed dogs through transport. We take diet into consideration as well and provide them with food options that fit their physiology. Lean body weight is what this breed is known for and we work to help them control their weight as required while keeping healthy. This is a unique breed and we are pleased to have helped out a client that owns one of these beautiful dogs!

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