Pet Transport for Breeders

Serious dog and cat breeders understand the innate difficulties that afflict pure breeds. For dogs especially, there can be a huge amount of problems from temperament to hip dysplasia and several issues in between. The problem stems from the desire to have a certain breed and characteristics. The strong desire to have certain characteristics leads to a shallow genetic pool, inbreeding

Inbreeding is a difficult task to surmount, particularly if there is a small pool of available sires and dams in your immediate area. The solution, therefore, is to expand the current gene pool beyond certain limits. It is not unheard of for some serious breeders to move outside of their country to find the appropriate animals.

This is where dog breeders often hit serious snags. Transporting animals to different countries presents some very difficult situations. This is why hiring a certified pet transportation is often necessary.

Of course, moving a pet from country to country is only one service that a pet transportation service can do. Often, visits to the vet require pet owners to sacrifice their time from work to make necessary arrangements as well as the logistics of getting the pet into the car. Go Fetch LTD, has a specially converted van to get pets safely to and from the vet without the owner ever having to leave work. All that is necessary is a quick ring to make the full arrangements.

Your pet or breeding program is important to you, so it is only wise that steps are taken to be sure that the best possible outcomes are arranged. Contact us today for a no-hassle quote and let us help you with your transport needs.

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