Pets by Air

GoFetch can arrange pet relocation by air as cargo using animal friendly flights with approved airlines.
At GoFetch we understand each pet is different, so we offer a flexible bespoke service so whether you require a Door to Door service or just the flight and check-in only – we are here to help!

What we can do:

1.    Flight
2.    Airline crate
3.    Vet Checks and Paperwork
4.    Pre-flight boarding
5.    Collection and Check-in service
6.    Destination delivery where possible

All pets travelling will need to meet the export and import requirements of their new destination.

The GoFetch team will guide you and your vet on any pre-export vaccines and blood tests and then can complete the final export health cert check whether this is the ‘’fit to fly’’ letter, pet passport checks or DEFRA export health cert with our associated vets.

When it comes to flying your pet, we understand it can seem daunting, so we aim to make the move as stress free as possible for you and your pets.
Each pet will require an approved airline crate to travel in – these are usually either custom built wooden or standardised plastic crates.

Each crate will need to be big enough for your cat or dog to sit, stand and turn around in with ease to meet airline requirements!

TIP: Adding soft bedding from home with familiar smells is recommended to help keep your pet comfortable with familiar smells.
With measurements of your dog or cat we can quote to provide your airline crate which will be yours to keep.

Freel free to get in contact if you would like to discuss options

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