Things you may want to know

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Dog Travel Information

  • Every kennels is fully equipped with vet bedding and a water bowl for each journey
  • The dog is walked to the vehicle, and appropriate size kennel will be allocated
  • All kennels have removable dividers to give larger dogs enough space
  • Once a kennel is selected, the dog is placed on board our vehicles
  • We have loading ramps and for older dogs we will happily lift them into place
  • Feeding is kept to owners requested schedule
  • Exercise and toilet break are provided every 2-3 hours (or more frequent if required)

Cat Travel Information

  • For cat transport we use a large kennel suitable for a german shepherd!
  • The cat is transported from the customers property within a standard cat carrier
    (we can provide if necessary)
  • Once on board the carrier is placed within the kennel and secured safely
  • From inside of the vehicle using the emergency escape hatches we move the cat
    from the carrier and release into the on-board kennel
  • Bedding, water and a litter tray are provided throughout the journey
  • The reverse process is carried out on departure
  • Food is provided within the owners requested guidelines

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