​Narcotic Search Team

In addition to a pet transportation service, at Go Fetch Ltd we also have a team of fully qualified and experienced narcotic search dogs and handlers.

dog narcotics services cardiffWith handlers trained to a minimum standard of HABC Level 3 for both pro-active and passive search dogs, they're registered members of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) and carry a SIA (Security Industry Authority) badge covering all eventualities, including door supervision.

Furthermore, our vehicles are all equipped to the highest standards available and are branding-free, except for the minimum requirements set by DEFRA and NASDU.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to cover any type of search, we have full training records available for viewing, which highlight (amongst other aspects) the minimum one day continuation training our dogs and handlers partake in every month, ensuring only the highest standards are maintained.

All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence.

Search Dog Profile: Tosh

At present, we have four search dogs working full time at Go Fetch Ltd. Tosh is the team's oldest dog and originally, we welcomed him as we knew we could offer him a healthy retirement upon leaving the Police Force. However, we soon realised that Tosh wasn't one to simply sit around and loved to work!

When the time came to re-license our dogs, we gave Tosh the chance he was clearly craving and as expected, he passed with flying colours.

Having attended monthly continuation training since, he currently attends the larger searches we carry out, where his role is to relieve our other full time search dogs for short periods of time.

Constantly measuring the health of all our dogs, Tosh has regular veterinary visits to ensure he is still fit to work, but as we've been told – and seen! - time and time again, his approach is more like a two year old Springer, rather than the 'retired' dog he's meant to be!

A wonderfully natured dog, Tosh spends the rest of his time sat on the sofa with family members and is not only a true gentleman of a dog, but a credit to both his breed and previous training.

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