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If you are coming into the UK and your pets are landing by flight - you will need meet the current import requirements (see as well as go through document checks and customs. Depending on where in the world your pet is landing from, the process of getting them off the plane and back to the Animal Reception Centres for document checks can take a few hours.

If you have travelled on the same flight you may be eager to get to your final destination, so we can wait for your pets to be released and deliver them home or arrange further boarding if required.



We can clear your pet through customs - please get in touch for a quote for commercial and non commercial customs clearance.


If your pet is flying out of the UK, we can assist with getting your animals to the airline/terminal on time – both cargo or excess baggage bookings! Whether you are travelling on the same flight or not each airline will have their own check in requirements, our drivers can ensure your pet is at the airport on time.

Sometimes getting to the airport with family, luggage as well pets can be a bit stressful so let us take your furry family to the airport! Note some airlines require pets to be checked in up to 4 hours prior to departure, if your flight is in the morning (which most animal friendly flights are) this could be a very early check in time!

If you plan to travel abroad prior to your pets so that you can settle in and get ready before their arrival, we can arrange pre-flight boarding so that you can get away from the airport as easy as possible and of course make sure you have their favourite treats at the ready when they arrive! (Note: Some destinations require owners to be on the same flight as their pet – subject to each destinations requirement!)


Freel free to get in contact if you would like to discuss options

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