Go Fetch Ltd – A Flexible And Considerate Pet Transportation Company

When you entrust a company with something as valuable as your beloved pet, you need to know that you are making the right choice. Handing over care of an animal that you regard as a member of the family is something you wouldn’t – and shouldn’t – do, unless you can be reasonably sure that the people you’re trusting will make all the needed allowances for your pet.

Fortunately, Go Fetch Ltd is always willing to go the extra mile for the comfort and welfare of your pet. And we’ll do whatever we can to adjust to your schedule and plans as well – whether you’re moving across Europe or just in need of a quick trip to the vet’s.

Every job we do is different, in the sense that there will be different destinations, stop-off points, types and breeds of animals and different timetables for every single day that we work.

So when we agree to help you out with your pet travel needs, we need to be flexible – just in order to seal the arrangement in the first place.

We’ll try to accommodate any request you ask of us, within reason. We’ll almost never say ‘no’ outright but will find a way to make it happen, all for a fair fee.

If your cat has medication that needs to be taken regularly, for example, we’ll be happy to make stops on the journey whenever necessary.

Or if you want to ensure your dog gets the proper amount of exercise during their journey, we can arrange for that too.

Our training and equipment means we can satisfy most requests that you might reasonably make of us without it being a big drain on us – or on your finances.

In some ways, it’s the least you could expect from a professional pet transportation service, or in fact any company with whom you leave your pet.

However, we’re eager to prove how much we care about your pet’s health in their time with us, whether that’s a matter of minutes or several days.

And we care not just because that’s how we can get your business, but because we love animals and want to forge longstanding working relationships with our clients.

What we’re saying is that if you’ve been apprehensive about hiring a pet transport firm out of a belief that they may not be equipped or willing to provide a tailored service – you shouldn’t let that be the factor that stops you.

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