The Maine Coon Cat

Here at Go Fetch LTD we transport all kinds of pets during our road transport services, we come across rare breeds, the maine coon cat is certainly something different, with the average adult being a simular size to a medium sized dog. 

We have put together a small article about the breed for you to read.

The Maine Coon Cat is a breed of mixed and possibly mythic origin.  There are claims the breed is a Viking times, and some believe the cat was a breed from short and long hair cats and brought over by seafarers.

Once the more exotic breeds began to arrive on the continent, the Maine Coon took a backseat to other breeds such as the Persian. 

The Coon Cat was very much a breed of the Northeast until the 1950’s when others took notice of the breed, and it made its way south.

The Maine coon has a longer than wider head, concave profile, large ears with lynx-like tufts at the tips.  The best breeds are rectangular in appearance as well.  Colours of coats and eyes vary.  It is the voice, the trill-like chirp that really sets them apart from other cats.

The breed does well as a family cat and will not demand attention from the owners.  They are well acclimated with children and other pets as well. 

They are slow to mature, around three or four, but they maintain their temperament.  They are not known for jumping or climbing, preferring to stay low to the ground.

Their size makes many owners think the breed needs to be fed frequently.  This is not the case, and weight gain can become a serious issue if not controlled.

Regular combing is necessary because of matting and shedding.  The breed can, like all pure breeds, have genetic issues such as hip dysplasia, but qualified breeders work hard to keep the breeding stock deep so issues are minimised.

Cat Fanciers has an excellent FAQ on the breed, and The Fanciers Association has excellent information as well.


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