Swedish Vallhund

This breed of dog is extremely rare and it almost went extinct in the 1940’s. This breed is an ancient one and it dates back to the age of Vikings in Sweden. Over a full melena ago this breed was commonly used to heard sheep and cattle. The Vallhund is a smaller breed of dog with shorter legs. They look a little like a corgi but with a larger frame. They are quite a large sized dog to have short legs. Some of this breed has curly tails whilst others have a smaller stump like tail. The Vallhund has a short coat that is relatively coarse. The top coat on the animal is relatively thick and close to the body whereas the undercoat is much softer. They range in color from grey to brown and red but they normally have lighter colored hair throughout their muzzle and chest. Overall this breed offers a great companion. They absolutely love attention and they often like to show off as well. With ample energy and the need for contact we offer plenty of breaks for this type of breed. We offer plenty of affection and responsiveness throughout any transport. Overall they are very even tempered with most people and the Vallhund is also relatively obedient/fairly easy to train. Although they began their lineage as farming dogs today they are excellent companion pets as well as great family dogs. They are the perfect compromise for those that want a larger dog without sacrificing too much space. We know that this breed especially can have issues in warm climates and we will always provide ample water and breaks during transport. While this breed does generally stay healthy and enjoy a long life, heat and dehydration can cause health issues especially over long trips. We feel very lucky to have worked with such a rare breed!

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