Irish Setter

Irish Setter: Irish setters are both a great family breed and an excellent hunting dog. The red setter or Irish setter actually originated in Ireland. They can be recognized by their long and silky chestnut colored hair. The overall look of the coat is thick but it does come with a resilient undercoat as well. Most Irish setters weigh between 55-75 lbs and they usually live around 11-12 years total. This breed is a fantastic dog to have with children dogs, pets and they are always very enthusiastic. They work as excellent household pets and they can even be affectionate with other small cats and dogs. Some Irish setters have been known to get a little hyper around smaller animals and children but they can make for excellent family companions overall. Irish setters need to stay active and when we work with this breed we take many rest stops so that we can give them a proper walk. An Irish setter that is left to sit in a cage can develop some destructive behaviour and we like to work to keep dogs as happy as possible through transport. We understand that with this breed a lack of activity can often lead to destructive behaviour or even hyperactivity and during transport and trips we do our best to make sure that these dogs enjoy a very comfortable ride with ample breaks. Irish setters have a fantastic temperament as therapy dogs Because of their highly intelligent nature and their need for companionship they work very well with people of all ages and we often meet setters that work as therapy animals at schools or in hospitals. Overall we think that Irish setters are a beautiful breed and we love providing care and attention to these dogs and many other types of dogs as well!

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