Central Anatolian shepherd dog/ Anatolian Mastiff

Central Anatolian shepherd dog/ Anatolian Mastiff The Anatolian Shepard dog is a dog that starts its lineage in central turkey. The breed has since made its way through north America and beyond. It is known for its size, its great eye site and guard dog abilities. Due to its size and long legs it is also very fast and able to run down anything at a high rate of speed. While many people see this breed as just a working dog, they can make fantastic companions too. These dogs date back nearly 6000 years and have been guarding sheep against predators in Turkey since then. They are able to withstand both very warm temperatures as well as very cold winters. The breed is relatively self-sufficient but it does well with other animals as well. Most of the time with the Anatolian Shepard, owners must socialize the dogs in the early stages of life to make them great companions. This is a particularly challenging breed to train because of its intense independence. These dogs are very much used to roaming and we monitor them heavily through transport to ensure they are kept secure. We also provide them with regular walks and exercise so that they don’t turn to destructive behavior. Although this is not a breed that really enjoys games or fetch, they do need regular walks and room to run if possible. We fully understand that this is a large and muscular breed. With heavy necks, big heads and sturdy body shapes these dogs can weigh between 90-150 pounds. Their coats must be brushed 1-2 times a week in the summer months due to the shedding. The most common colors for this breed are a white sesame shade. We love working with large breed dogs and we feel especially privileged to have worked with this breed as well. We don’t mind the brushing or the exercise as these solitary giants are just wonderful to spend time with!

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