What’s The Best Way To Transport Your Pet?

Customers sometimes ask us what the best way for their pet to travel is, and which one we will use when transporting their pet from point A to point B.
When planning a trip, we always think about what mode of transport we will use, taking a number of factors into account.
The type of transport we use depends largely on where exactly your pet will be travelling to and from. If the destination is within the UK, we will use our purpose-built Go Fetch van, which is outfitted with all the creature comforts your furry companion needs to stay safe and happy.
As with all other transport options, we will take regular breaks to allow your pet to eat, drink and stretch their legs.
When it comes to trips to the continent, things are a little different. Though there are the options of ferry and air travel, we actually prefer to take the Go Fetch van on the Eurotunnel.
This is quicker and more flexible than other options, and it also means we would never have to cancel trips on account of bad weather.
Journey time on the Eurotunnel is just 35 minutes, and there is no need for your pet to remain in a carrier for the duration of the crossing. This means this option is not only the most convenient for us and for you, but also for your pet.
The other options are ferry and plane. These are options that we do take when we and pet owners judge it to be the best way of making the trip, though they are not normally preferred.
Airlines’ policies on pet transportation are stricter than we would like. Travel by aeroplane is quite time-consuming with regard to security and safety checks, and your pet will unfortunately not be able to move around or be as comfortable as we would normally like to make them.
Having said that, air travel is quite a bit faster than driving across the continent, especially if the destination or point of origin is in eastern or northern Europe. If time is of the essence, we would consider this means of transport.
Ferries are yet another option for pet transportation, but are quite a bit slower than the Eurotunnel. When heading to Ireland or Northern Ireland however, they do make sense as a viable choice.
When deciding on how to travel, we take into account a number of factors such as timing, distance and direction. You can rest assured that we don’t choose one option over another simply to cut corners however – pet welfare is, and always will be, our number one concern.

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