4 Of The Best European Countries For Pet Travel

Pet owners will be familiar with the conundrum of what exactly to do with their animal companions during their time away. Fortunately, many hotels and resorts are pet-friendly – and not only that, but some cities are particularly well-suited to a getaway with your pet.

If you and your companion are looking to hit the continent together, you could certainly do a lot worse than these top destinations. Note that most of the advice here is geared towards dogs.


Dogs are universally welcomed in France. You can expect your pet to be served a bowl of water at many restaurants without even needing to ask, and they are also permitted in supermarkets. You will rarely be asked to put a lead or muzzle on your dog, with mastiffs and pit bulls being possible exceptions to the rule.

France has some 61 million domestic animals, and more than half of households have some form of pet.


The Dutch are traditionally a lenient and caring people, and their laid-back attitude extends to dogs too. They also are quite happy to tend to canines in restaurants, although you may prefer to sit outside.

You can buy a dog ticket on any train, which usually costs no more than a few euros.


On the other end of the spectrum, the Swedes’ famed love of regulation serves to protect animals of all kinds. There are even laws stating that dogs should be walked outside every day, and have at least a certain amount of natural light when boarded at a daycare.

You would be discouraged from transporting dogs in a carrier or from leaving them alone for several hours at a time, though these are not actually legal offences. Dogs are generally welcome aboard public transport, with special areas set aside for them on trains and buses.

United Kingdom

Last but not least, we have plenty of love for animals of all kinds here at home. We’re actually fairly permissive of animals in public compared to many of our European neighbours – the fact that your pet will be welcome in pubs and on beaches is something we take for granted but is a relatively lenient idea.

Of course, every country has their pet lovers, and will be filled with hotel and restaurant staff who will be all too happy to cater to you and your pet. But always be sure to check ahead to avoid any disappointment.

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